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Whenever you see someone wearing gold watches you just know they have a lot of money. This is because gold watches can cost a lot more money. However, the respect that you get from wearing gold watches is great. That is because you people start looking at you more, and they do so in a different light. They no longer just look at you as a normal person, but as someone that is high up there. Gold watches can cost a lot of money if you do not know where to look. However, if you take your time in looking for some great gold watches you will see that you can find some for a good price if you keep your eyes open.

Discount designer watches can make a great gift for a special occasion, such as a birthday, or as a holiday gift or commemoration to an important milestone. Some watch makers charge a lot for regular retail on menís and womenís designer watches, but why not shop around and save a little money? Discount designer watches are often the same as full retail price offerings, just simply offered at a better price. How is this possible? Some discount sellers buy in bulk from a designer watch maker; other times watch makers are looking to get rid of extra stock on hand and will either discount the watches themselves or will sell to another retailer at a super low price. This secondary retailer, who is receiving an excellent deal on these designer watches, will often pass on their savings so that they can quickly cover investment costs and then everything beyond is pure profit.

What should a buyer look for in a discount designer watch? First, authenticity - does the watch come with some sort of certificate that proves it is authentic? Fakes can be costly and look so close to the real thing, that they can be difficult to distinguish. Most watches have a makerís mark, and looking at these online to compare them with an authentic mark can be helpful. Any identifying information should be very clear. Some makers change up their marks every few years, so be sure to be familiar with more than one. Second, most discounters have no problem stating the origin of these discount designer watches; most will disclose that it is a buyout or a release from the manufacturer to get rid of overstock. Third, what is the reputation of the discount seller? Many have good reputations, that are doing business legitimately. Many will go so far as to issue a certificate of authenticity with a designer watch.

When talking about discount designer watches, how much of a discount a buyer receives, can depend on the source they get it from. Manufacturers who are releasing their own overstock or discontinued items are often the deepest discount, as there is not another party to go through and no markup. The manufacturer is simply wanting to get rid of stock; therefore, discounts over 50% are not uncommon. Those selling as secondary sellers may not always be able to offer a discount as deep as a manufacturer. Another word of caution - if it sounds too good from a secondary seller, it probably is.

When buying a discount designer watch, try to make sure that the watch being purchased will be something the wearer will enjoy. Sometimes when buying a discount watch, there is no return policy offered. Find out if any extra services are offered with the discount designer watch, such as regular battery replacement, yearly inspections, any kind of warranty or replacement against defects, or an exchange policy should the person the watch is being purchased for, not like it. Keep in mind any warranties or guarantees, as they can justify a watch costing more versus a cheaper one that might not offer these services. A designer watch, properly cared for, can last years.

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